House Demolition Parramatta

Demolition costs in Parramatta starting at $12,000

Demolition Australia is a predominantly Sydney based demolition service. If you’re asking yourself ‘how much it would cost to knock down my house?’ and you’re looking at a residential demolition in the Parramatta area than consider a trusted company like ours with 30 years experience in the field of demolition as well as the removal of asbestos.

Though we may be considered just another demolition company. We’re not just about knocking down houses. It’s our service that separates us from our competitors, something that others have come to call ‘old-fashioned’, and you’ll be able to tell the difference: From our free quote, professional friendly advice, and industry knowledge we have a personalised approach to service that we take pride in knowing proves ourselves different. We use our combined experience in construction to help you, not just with the processes of deconstructing a house, but also to navigate the paperwork and council forms that will ensure that your transition with us is seamless and your property is taken care of properly.


Forms and Documentation

You can find links to the forms necessary for your project here. Other forms of documentation needed may include:

Council Certification

Asbestos Permits

Waste Management Plans and Tipping Receipts

Demolition of Structures and OH&S compliance documentation
As stipulated in the documents above, whether you need the land prepared for a new house or demolished to make space for a commercial building, our teams are more than equipped to tackle any job, no matter the size.
To make life easier still we don’t just knock down a house. With our links to other trusted businesses, we can also provide assistance with other services including, but not limited to tree removal and disconnection of your gas and electricity. We really do think of everything.

25 years of Sydney House Demolition


A mineral that occurs naturally made of strong fibers which are fire resistant, durable and insulating. They were used in building products that become popular around the latter half of the 1900s as builders quickly recognized it’s beneficial properties. A widely used building material for decades, up till the 1960s, 25% of all new housing in Australia were clad in asbestos cement sheeting. The asbestos industry sharply declined after controversy, and it was no longer used. However, homes built or renovated before 1990 may still include this hazardous substance. If you’re unsure as to whether it may have been used in your home please give us a ring.


National Asbestos Awareness month in Parramatta

A obviously serious issue in residential homes, a number of parties including SafeWork NSW and the ACTU, supported by the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute collaborated to promote a Nationwide Asbestos Awareness month on the 27th of Novemeber. Last year the Parramatta council took part in this yearly program and offered an unfortunately limited run program that commenced during February providing subsidised removal of Asbestos fibro sheeting from houses. Considering the severity of harm associated with older homes in the Parramatta area, Demolition Australia has also committed to offering the removal of this substance to home owners.

Our company is home to a trusted service with affordable prices and a willingness to be competitive, committing to providing the best assistance in navigating any and all hurdles to discovering your dream for your property; to help you pave the way towards the home that you desire.